BJDs--Nearly Alive

The story of Asian ball-jointed dolls or BJDs is a recent one. They were born in Japan, created by Volks. Some time ago Volks decided to make a small ball-jointed doll called the Dollfie, a contraction of "doll" and "figure". This Dollfie is about the size of a Barbie doll or 1/6th human scale. And as time went by, Volks produced different types of Dollfies. There are Dollfies with body types like that of a Barbie doll, those with jointed arms and legs... Whatever type of body or head they have, the Dollfies are meant to be customised. You can paint and repaint the faces of these Dollfies. You can buy heads with no hair and root the hair yourself. You could recreate your favourite anime characters from head to toe.

In 1998, Volks created their Super Dollfie, a 22 inch, fully customizable BJD. SDs and their follow up little siblings Mini Super Dollfies were even more detailed than the 1/6th size. Wigs, eyes, face paint and different body sculpts were introduced. Volks marketed their largest dolls as Angels and daughters. They specialise in limited edition dolls, producing only a few before breaking the mold.

As popularity of the dolls rose, other companies began producing BJDs. Some of the most well known are Luts, Dream of Doll and Bluefairy, all Korean companies.

Luts Delf
  • Ari
  • Soo
  • Chiwoo
  • Shiwoo
  • El
  • Lishe
Quin and Seph, Cerberus Project El and Dark Elf Soo
Dream of Doll
  • Si
  • Wi
  • U
  • Hoo
  • Too
  • Bee-A
  • Yen
Yen by Dream of Doll
So. Cal. Dolpa at Huntington Gardens. Dolls from left to right: Dylan, Lief, Clover, Yue, Quin, Seph, Unknown FCS with Four sisters head, Sabine, Mordred, unknown Tender Too, Pris

Barefoot in Winter

Den of Angels